Day Students and their families are an important part of the South Kent School community. Despite living at home, SKS day students are fully integrated into the school community experiencing, academics, athletics, and meals with his peers. Each day student has both an advisor and the Day Student Coordinator who are devoted to helping him to not only succeed and thrive in all aspects of SKS life, but to also be prepared for an ever-changing world.

It is equally as important for a day student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to get to know their son’s advisor, as well as the Day Student Coordinator, and to be made aware of any changes to their son’s daily routine. For specific policies and procedures, please reference the South Kent School Student Handbook. Below you will find some vital and helpful information to refer back to throughout the academic school year.


Day students are welcome to begin their day on campus at 7:30am breakfast. Day students are expected to arrive to campus at least 10 minutes before their first commitment each day. Drop-off/Pick-Up locations include the courtyard outside of The Old Building and the parking area outside of The Schoolhouse.

Driving and Parking

Day students with a driver’s license are allowed to drive to and from campus but must first fill out a driving and parking form to be turned into the Day Student Coordinator and/or Ms. Boyle. Parking spots are available for day students near the green outside of Gilder Dormitory. Day students are not permitted to drive their cars on campus during the academic school day, including to and from sports practices on campus. Day students are only permitted to come to and leave campus once during the day; they cannot leave and return unless given permission by the Day Student Coordinator or the Administrator on Duty.

and Sign-Out

Day students must sign in as soon as they arrive on campus, and likewise, sign out before leaving campus. RFID tags are connected to the attendance app, Orah and are located in numerous areas on campus to help make the process run smoothly. These areas include classrooms, the Assembly Hall, dorms, and the Dining Hall.

Inclement Weather

Most of the faculty and students live on campus, and we generally hold classes regardless of the weather. In the case of weather that could interfere with transportation to or from school, day students are welcome to stay overnight in the dorms. If your child elects to stay over, his parent or guardian should email the Day Student Coordinator and the Residential Life Director to ask for permission. If a student does not stay over during a period of inclement weather, please use your discretion in deciding whether it is possible to get to school. If your child will not be present, please email both the Day Student Coordinator and Ms. Boyle. Also, if a potentially dangerous storm starts during the day, a day student may be picked up or leave early with the approval of a parent and notification from the parent to the Day Student Coordinator.

Reporting Absences

A parent should contact the following parties when reporting an absence:

Administrative Assistant - Cathy Boyle - [email protected]

Day Student Coordinator - Max Pfeffer - [email protected]

Health Center - [email protected]


Day students are expected to eat lunch at school, and they are invited to eat breakfast and dinner here as well. On nights when the School has a formal chapel and dinner, day students are expected to attend in formal attire. A few times a year, day students are required to stay for an all-school or class dinner. The Day Student Coordinator will notify families of dates for these formal meals as soon as they are made available.

Day Student Areas

The Day Student Areas will be located in various dorms across campus.

Students will be assigned a specific dorm to be their designated downtime location. While these common areas are a place for day students to call home on campus – a quiet area for relaxation and/or work – the rooms should also be respected and used with care. This means that it is a day student’s responsibility to keep his Day Student Area clean. Any day student utilizing a common room should likewise be mindful and considerate of the boarders and residential faculty who live within the connecting dorms.


Day students will be assigned a locker by the Residential Life Director to be used in a designated dorm. We strongly encourage students to secure their locker with a combination lock. Any student who abuses the locker area or who in any way tampers with other students' or the School's property will be subject to disciplinary action.