Our Sports Medicine department provides the student-athletes, faculty, and staff with certified and state licensed comprehensive athletic training services of the highest quality. Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

We define quality as having the best patient care possible while achieving maximum patient satisfaction. South Kent School Certified Athletic Trainers fulfill this mission while employing the utmost compassion and furnishing the knowledge and education to enable each patient to return to his or her own level of athletic activity.


Evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation must be done during free periods. After school appointments are designated for heating, stretching and taping. Please schedule appointments through email.


Joseph J. Brown Gymnasium Athletic Training Room
Monday - Friday 9:30am -12 noon | 2pm - 5:30pm 

Admiral James and Sybil Stockdale Hockey Arena Athletic Training Room
Tuesday - Thursday 9:30am -12 noon | 2pm - 7:30pm

Weekend hours subject to change based on practice and game schedule.
Generally Athletic Training coverage will begin 1 hour before practices and 2 hours before games.

Student athletes should plan to schedule evaluations and treatment times during morning time slots.  Afternoon time slots are for practice and game preparation such as heating, stretching, and taping.

Appointments can be made via email at [email protected]

*According to our commitment to the best care for our student-athletes, each student must have a doctor’s note to return to play after being seen by a doctor, whether he is sent by us, a parent, or if he went on his own.*

Athletic Trainers

Head Athletic Trainer 



The Certified Athletic Training Department holds three core values: prevention, rehabilitation and return to play. All athletes must adhere to the following guidelines as well as guidelines that have been outlined within the Health Service section of the student handbook.

South Kent School expects all student­ athletes to be open and upfront with all members of the medical staff in regards to current and past medical history and injuries.

Prevention of injuries is a main focus of the training staff. In the event that an injury occurs the entire medical staff will work with the coaching staff and parents to return each athlete back to competition in a safe and timely manner.

Basic treatments (ice, heat, stretching and taping) will be provided up to 30 minutes prior to a game or practice, but not after.

If extensive rehabilitation and medical treatment is needed for a student athlete, he must coordinate treatment times during the day by appointment with one of the certified athletic trainers.

We encourage all student ­athletes to communicate with the athletic training staff regarding any medical issues, nutritional questions or health related concerns.

Student­ athletes will not be treated nor cleared for the day if the above rules are not followed.

Training office hours will be posted on the wall by the office in the gym lobby. All treatments and evaluations will be done during posted office hours.

The school physician and/or the athletic trainers have the final authority concerning when a student ­athlete should be removed from participation for medical reasons, and when the student ­athlete may return to partial or full participation.

An athletic trainer will be on campus for all athletic events. We will provide pre­game services of moist heat, stretching and taping. Please ensure that you provide taping supplies.

The Athletic Training Room is located in Brown Gymnasium in the main lobby. Please call ahead to let us know what your teams need at (860) 927­3539 x220.

South Kent School adheres to the Colorado State University "Nutrition for the Athlete" Guidelines, which can also be found online here.