Building on South Kent School's intentional design, our college counseling office works with students and their families to find the best-fit colleges and universities for their future success. While many of our students matriculate to some of the finest institutions in the country, our program focuses on helping each family navigate the ever-changing, complex college application process.

At South Kent School, students are introduced to the college process early in their South Kent career through seminars and conversations with advisors. Then, during a student's Fourth Form year, they will begin to work one-on-one with a college counselor, and that work will continue throughout the college application process. 

South Kent School hosts representatives from colleges and universities during the fall and spring, and students are encouraged to meet with them to learn more and find what school interests them most. In addition, our college counseling staff works to keep parents involved and informed throughout the application process with parent-specific programming and webinars. When each boy leaves the Hillside, we want them to be confident and excited about the next steps in his academic journey.

Lindsey Lefevre

Director of College Counseling
860.927.3539 ext. 250
[email protected] 

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