The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is available to all students during their free block throughout the academic day and during the required evening study time. The ARC offers the following programs to improve student performance:

Study Skills Services (SSS)
During the day, students are able to meet with faculty members through Study Skills Services (SSS). The goal is not to tutor on specific content matter but, rather, to integrate study skills and individual assistance based on need.  Whether the focus is on organization, starting and completing assignments, or preparation for assessments, student efforts are positively reinforced and guidance is given to complete the task at hand.  Attendance in the ARC may be voluntary or required, based on input from faculty and parents.

Anne Arent
Director, Academic Resource Center
860-927-3539 x218

Academic Specialist Assistance Program (ASAP)
Students identified upon admission or during the term by teachers or parents may also receive one-on-one help through the Academic Specialist Assistance Program (ASAP) during their free block. Executive functioning, ESL, study skills and general academic assistance will be provided.  Attendance is taken and weekly progress reports are e-mailed to parents. There is an additional per term fee for this highly individualized service.

Tutoring Service (TS)
Teachers are available during office hours for extra help. The times are published on a display board in the ARC. If more intensive assistance is required, arrangements may be made though South Kent’s Tutoring Service to support students within a specific academic area. Tutoring is available to students that are struggling with an individual course, students who are doing well but want to earn a higher grade, or students challenged by organizational and time management issues. A tutor is matched to a student based on both course content requirements and personality.

Tutors meet one-on-one with students during academic hours or evening study hall. Tutoring sessions typically meet two to three times a week for 45-60 minutes. It is South Kent’s goal for students to achieve a level of independence and not be tutored for more than one year.
Parents are free to communicate directly with tutors. The student’s advisor and teachers are routinely in communication with tutors to best support the student. There is an additional cost incurred for tutoring on a per-hour basis.

The main difference between the Tutoring Service and the ASAP is that tutoring is focused on a specific subject area. Sessions may also happen on an as-needed basis up to 3 times per week, whereas the ASAP is mandatory and meets 3 times per week.

Other Services
Another essential role of the ARC is to offer a quiet, proctored environment for students with academic testing accommodations, as well as for students to make up missing quizzes and tests outside of class time. 

If additional support is required, or a boy is found to have more extensive learning issues than those disclosed by the family at the time of admission, South Kent will do its best to address the boy’s relevant academic needs.